This month started strong, I released 3 videos in the early days and was on track to publish one of my largest projects yet. Unfortunately, my computer died before I could produce and publish the project. I spent the rest of the month in limbo waiting for a new PC as there was a massive shortage in tech supplies at the time.

During the time I was operational I had a wonderful collaboration with a new YouTuber MomaKekz. She produced the spoiler video for my big collab project that never ended up being published.

Financial Overview

In December 2020 I made $82.31 from my YouTube Channel and spent $56.50 on stuff for my Community for a net gain of $25.81.


As usual, Patreon tops the list in terms of income with $46.11 earned.

I received 2 direct donations through Paypal for a total of $18.82.

After tweaking some settings on AdSense I earned $17.38.

Total income for December 2020 comes out to $82.31.


I pay $40.00 each month for a DigitalOcean Droplet. The droplet runs the Creative and SMP Minecraft servers as well as a bot for Discord which is currently unused.

Website hosting and domain registration totals $16.50 each month.

Total expenses for December 2020 come out to $56.50.