January was a slow month, my new computer arrived on the 7th and I posted my only video on the 8th. Real life got real and I didn’t have much time to spend on the channel until the last week or so. At that point I decided to start some larger, behind the scenes, community improvement projects. I upgraded my server hosting plan to accommodate additional servers, and laid out some plans for improving the website. Most of my time in game was spent working on my redstone challenge map.

Financial Overview

In January 2021 I made $80.75 from my YouTube Channel and spent $56.50 on stuff for my Community for a net gain of $24.25.


Total income for January 2021 comes out to $80.75.

I had no direct donations but I gained another Patron bringing the total to roughly the same as last month.



Total expenses for December 2020 come out to $56.50.

Despite increasing the server hosting capacity, the cost is not reflected in this months bill.

Server Hosting$40.00
Web Hosting + Domain$16.50