In November 2020 I made a total of $59.29 and spent $56.5 on stuff for my community for a net gain of $2.79.

This is the first month I’ve made a profit since I began hosting my SMP. Income sources have changed a bit but spending is the same.


The vast majority of my income currently comes from Patreon. I have 3 Boss Tier, 1 Pillager Tier and 0 Skeleton Tier subs for a total of $45.68. I gained one Boss Tier sub since last month.

This month there were no one time donations.

YouTube adSense revenue for the month is estimated at $11.11. With a total of around 23.6k views this month the RPM for my channel is about $0.49.

I also gained a Twitch sub for a total of $2.32. I don’t do much streaming, but maybe more in the future.

Total income for November 2020 comes out to $59.29.


I pay $40.00 each month for a DigitalOcean Droplet. The droplet runs the Creative and SMP Minecraft servers as well as a bot for Discord which is currently unused.

Website hosting and domain registration totals $16.50 each month.

Total expenses for November 2020 come out to $56.50.