Redstone Challenge Map

Welcome to my redstone challenge map. It has 13 levels of increasing difficulty designed to test your redstone knowledge and problem solving skills. Each level focuses on a different redstone component, mechanic, or methodology.

This is a difficult map and has an expected completion time of 1-5 hours, depending on your skill level. If you get stuck, don’t feel bad, just ask a friend for help or do a little research on the components you have available.

Most of the puzzles in this map have been adapted from another much larger challenge map project which I’ve been working on for the past year with a number of other talented redstoners. If you enjoy this map consider subscribing to my YouTube channel to be notified when the big one comes out.

Solution Playthrough


  1. Download the map
  2. Extract it from the .zip folder (It may be nested so check for that)
  3. Use game version 1.18.2
  4. Set difficulty to Peaceful
  5. Set game mode to Survival
  6. If you are playing offline then you’ll need to enable command blocks. Do this by pressing ESC > Open to LAN > Enable Cheats > Start LAN World.


  1. Play in survival.
  2. You may only break things that you placed.
  3. Pistons you place may only move things you placed.
  4. Don’t use any mods that modify game mechanics


  1. Everything you need is readily available. Nothing is completely hidden.
  2. Some puzzles have multiple steps.
  3. Nothing requires an excessive amount of skill. If something seems impossible then there’s an easier way.
  4. If you get stuck, feel free to ask a friend for help.
  5. A redstoning resource pack would be helpful, but not necessary. I made one called Redstone Ready which you are free to use and share.


Puzzle Design:
– metamilo

– Gangles XIII
– the_guy1604

The many Collaborators who’ve helped with the larger Redstone Challenge project.