Survival Multi-Player

How to Join

This is a semi-public server for my YouTube community and Patrons. The server uses a whitelist to prevent random trolls ruining the experience for everyone. There are three ways you can get added to the whitelist:

  1. Get a recommendation from a veteran member of the server.
  2. Become a Boss Tier supporter on Patreon.
  3. Apply during an open enrollment period. Open enrollment will be available every few months or during periods of low activity. When enrollment is active a form will appear on this page.

Basically you just have to be a good citizen. That means being kind and considerate to other players.

  1. Do not use hacks, cheats, exploits, or anything else that gives you an unfair advantage over someone using a pure vanilla setup.
  2. Do not steal, destroy, obstruct, or otherwise troll your fellow players.
  3. Be mindful of server limitations and lag.
  4. Be courteous when building near someone else. Ask about their plans for the area and try to stay outside render distance.
  5. Keep your language, behavior, and builds child friendly.
  6. Do not berate, threaten, or engage with someone breaking these rules. Simply report them to me on my Discord server along with any evidence you have.

I will moderate this server as I see fit and as time allows. I am currently the only moderator, but in the future any official moderators will be listed here.

While I try to keep this server child friendly, I cannot guarantee it.

Server TypeFabric
Game Version1.16.3
ModsFabric API
PacksAFK Display
Anti Enderman Grief
Armor Statues
Custom Nether Portals
Dragon Drops
Durability Ping
Fast Leaf Decay
Husks Drop Sand
Larger Phantoms
More Mob Heads
Player Head Drops
Silence Mobs
Universal Dyeing
Wandering Trades
Gamerules and
Carpet Settings
doFireTick = False
combineXPOrbs = True
flippinCactus = True
huskSpawningInTemples = True
lagFreeSpawning = True
onePlayerSleeping = True
silverFishDropGravel = True
xpNoCooldown = True
defaultLoggers = mobcaps, tps

Creative Collaboration

How to Join

This is a private server for redstone creators with a small to medium size YouTube channel. Access is invite only. To get an invite you need a YouTube channel with high quality redstone content, and you need to be recommended by one of the existing members of the server.

  1. Don’t steal or spoiler other peoples projects.
  2. Don’t mess with other peoples projects without permission.
  3. Be mindful of server limitations and lag.
Server TypeFabric
Game Version1.16.2
ModsFabric API
PermissionsOP level 2