Survival Multi-Player

About this server

In one sentence, this is a long term semi-public survival multi-player vanilla server. Let me explain what that means.

Long Term

By long term I mean that I have no plans to end or reset the world. What you build today will likely be there for years to come. This is obviously dependent on our ability to upgrade the current world as new versions of the game are released.

To accommodate new content I will likely expand the world border on each major release of the game.


This means that the server operates using a whitelist, but that the general public is welcome to apply to be added to the list.

The use of a whitelist helps to ensure that the server remains troll free.

Due to capacity limits open enrollment will only be available every so often. However, if you support me on Patreon or receive a referral from a veteran member of the server then I will add you at any point.


Survival is all about the struggle and the sense of satisfaction that comes with overcoming challenges and accomplishing something amazing.

I will not jepordize that by making the game easier. It is set to hard difficulty and if you die I will not refund your items. I will not spawn items to make your life easier or teleport you to save you time.

I will only make exceptions if you are the victim of a malicious player that ends up getting banned, or if I make a mistake in managing the server that causes you to die or lose items.


While the server is not technically vanilla, I try to keep any modifications within the vanilla spirit. As such, the only mods on the server are strictly for performance, administration, and providing players with more information.

There are also a number of datapacks, but again they mostly focus on asthetics and server management.

I will not add any non-vanilla feature that trivializes any part of vanilla gameplay. Unless I deem it necessary for server management purposes.

How to join

The server uses a whitelist to prevent random trolls ruining the experience for everyone. There are three ways you can get added to the whitelist:

  1. Get a recommendation from a veteran member of the server.
  2. Become a Boss Tier supporter on Patreon.
  3. Apply during an open enrollment period. Open enrollment will be available every few months or during periods of low activity. When enrollment is active a form will appear on this page.


Basically you just have to be a good citizen. That means being kind and considerate to other players.

  1. Do not use hacks, cheats, exploits, or anything else that gives you an unfair advantage over someone using a pure vanilla setup.
  2. Do not steal, destroy, obstruct, or otherwise troll your fellow players.
  3. Be mindful of server limitations and lag.
  4. Be courteous when building near someone else. Ask about their plans for the area and try to stay outside render distance.
  5. Keep your language, behavior, and builds child friendly.
  6. Do not berate, threaten, or engage with someone breaking these rules. Simply report them to me directly. If anyone has questions about the rules refer them to this page.


I will moderate this server as I see fit and as time allows. If you see someone breaking the rules please report it directly to me either here or on Discord. Do not post it publicly as that will allow them to cover their tracks and will make proving your claim more difficult.

While I try to keep this server child friendly, I cannot guarantee it.

Report Form

6 + 3 =

Server Details

Server TypeFabric
Game Version1.16.5
ModsFabric API
PacksAFK Display
Anti Enderman Grief
Armor Statues
Custom Nether Portals
Dragon Drops
Durability Ping
Fast Leaf Decay
Husks Drop Sand
Larger Phantoms
More Mob Heads
Player Head Drops
Silence Mobs
Universal Dyeing
Wandering Trades
Gamerules and
Carpet Settings
doFireTick = False
combineXPOrbs = True
flippinCactus = True
huskSpawningInTemples = True
lagFreeSpawning = True
onePlayerSleeping = True
silverFishDropGravel = True
xpNoCooldown = True
defaultLoggers = mobcaps, tps

Public Areas

There are several places on the server that have been designated as public areas. These areas vary from community builds to mining zones. Please check here before starting any builds otherwise they may be take down or moved.


Location: -190x, 30z

The nether portal and the costal area around spawn is designated as public land. Do not start personal builds here and try to clean up any creeper explosions you leave behind. (that goes for anywhere on the server)

This includes the nearby village, so if you borrow or harvest something from the village please replant or replace it.

Shopping District

Location: -200x, -2600z

The Shopping District is a place for everyone to build a shop and trade their wares to other players. Please keep your builds modest and respect the honor system.

Gaming District

Location: 2300x, -1300z

Similar to the Shopping District, the Gaming District is a centralized place to build your minigames. Again, be mindful of other peoples builds. We have been using an unofficial land claim system where you claim a chunk by placing a diamond block inside it along with a sign with your name. Currently, chunks with emerald blocks in them denote areas for public pathways.

Horse Racing Track

Location: -100x, 250z

The Horse Race Track near spawn is a community project that is a work in progress. It spans the entire savannah biome next to spawn.

It is used to determine who gets loot from players who have been banned.

End Island

Location: The End 0x, 0z

The central End island is reserved for public use.

Mining Desert

Location: 4800x, 4600z

To prevent our world from being decimated by ugly strip mines we have designated a specific desert for mining sand. It is a large desert located in the top right corner of the map and can be accessed using the nether network.

Public End Portal

Location: -1166x, 25y, -2191z

The End Portal at this location is designated for public use, along with the neighboring pillager tower.

Public XP Farm

Location: The End 315x, 0z

We have a publicly available XP farm located just off the main End Island. Use it to your hearts content, but if you borrow something from the chest or break an anvil please replace it for the next person.

Public Villager Trading Hall

Location: The End -800x, 20z

The Public Villager Trading Hall in the end is a work in progress and is located through one of the main island portals.

World Map