So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and learn how to use redstone. You’ve done some research, watched a few tutorials, and you’ve noticed that everyone who knows what they’re doing seems to have a special world to design and test their redstone creations. You think maybe you should have one as well, and you’re right, you should.

What is a redstone testing world?

A redstone testing world is the single most important tool for learning redstone and designing redstone builds. It’s a creative single player world that is typically completely flat and configured to have permanent daylight, clear weather, and no pesky mobs. The idea is to remove distractions and limit eye-strain so you can focus on building redstone contraptions.

There are two stages where you’ll need to make changes to various settings. The first is during world creation using the world creation menu, and the second is in game using commands.

Step 1 – Create the world

This is a pretty straight forward process, but there are some tricky bits, including a change to the redstone ready preset, so don’t skip through this.

  1. Go to Single Player and click Create new World
  2. Enter a name for your world
  3. Change the Game Mode to Creative
  4. Change the Difficulty to Peaceful
  5. Set Allow Cheats to ON
  6. Click on Game Rules
  7. In the Player section, change Respawn location radius to 0
  8. In the Spawning section, set all 4 options to OFF
  9. In the World Updates section, set all 3 ON/OFF toggles to OFF
  10. Click Done and then More World Options
  11. Change Generate Structures to OFF
  12. Change World Type to Superflat
  13. Click Customize then Presets
  14. Scroll down and click on Redstone Ready
  15. In the text box at the top, go all the way to the right and replace desert with flower_forest
  16. Click Use Preset and then Done
  17. Set the Seed to 0
  18. Click Create New World

Step 2 – Configure the world

The world is almost ready, we covered most of the settings during world creation, but there are a few that didn’t have menu options.

  1. Type in chat /time set noon and press Enter
  2. Type in chat /weather clear and press Enter
  3. Type in chat /tp @p 0 56 0 and press Enter
  4. Type in chat /setworldspawn and press Enter

Going Further

At this point you’re ready to start building, but there are plenty more things that can be done to improve your development process. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to use the various build commands, F3 modes, custom resource packs, and third party mod tools.